Linda's Easy Pumpkin Man! cover

Linda's Easy Pumpkin Man!


Easy Autumn project!
Fair warning! This will be the “Fall Project to Do” this year, for sure. Easy, four scrap boards and a little paint. Our own Linda Gladman, of Decor Nest says, “With fall quickly approaching and our dear niece’s birthday we decided to make this “scarecrow” from leftover fence boards.”
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Linda Gladman’s Pumpkin Man


Wood planks

2x4s scrap wood for back brace

Nails or screws, hinges, wire

Paint, orange, black, white or whatever!

Decorations: crow cutouts, fabric flowers, raffia (straw), pinecones, barbed wire, burlap ribbon, miscellaneous ‘nose’ materials

HINT: Nail the front board on ‘from behind,’ so the nails or screws don’t show!

You can make this is one or two days!

Linda’s pumpkin ‘face’

Linda Gladman says, “Here is a pic of the front of my latest scarecrow. I wanted it to be free standing so we hinged the back so it would store flat.”

Pumpkin man back. Notice hinge placement and wire to secure it

...and the back

Sherri Calvert’s scarecrow version

Sherri Calvert‎ I’m sharing a project hubby and I made to hang on the pallet fences he made me a while back. Everything but the paint is recycled and some of it was left over from other projects. The boards are also from pallets.

Sherri Calvert pretty pallet fence vignette

Ammie Peters’s clever snowman

Ammie Peters‎ This is my Shutter Scarecrow that I made. I had this small wood shutter that I painted and had hubby cut and tack brim of his hat on for me. I used dried gum balls from the Sweet Gum (Liquidamber) tree in the yard for his eyes, borrowed the snowman nose for now and used an old rusty wire handle for his mouth. Used some faux straw for his hair and glued some burlap ribbon and plaid ribbon with faux flowers on his hat ..

Myra Glandon the scarecrows I made last fall

Joy S Cope’s version

There are plenty of ‘face designs’ here to go by!

Terri Trauer Cox I made 4 over the weekend

In a miniature version you can use smaller wood like Terri Cox did

Terri Cox I made twenty-two more snowmen for gifts! Two more to go. I made these and the scarecrow out of shims.

Wood shims are about 8 inches long, inexpensive and come in large packs from hardware stores

Sherri Calvert‎ Winter pallet project

Change paint colors and decor and you’re ready for Winter!