Post a Mailbox in the Garden cover

Post a Mailbox in the Garden


When you order a new mailbox, re-purpose the old mailbox in your garden! Turn your leftover into a garden focal point - Fleamarket Gardening Style!
FleaMarket Gardening

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"Love this idea and i loved all the pictures of other spins on it." 5 stars by

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Post a Mailbox in the Garden

Planting a ‘mailbox’ garden…

Garden mailboxes you will love! Finding a mailbox, made from durable metal and with a nostalgic shape and a handy door is a stroke of luck for a Flea Market gardener. They can be made into a creative garden feature, a handy ‘tool’ box or garden sign. Here are some of the best from our creative gardeners! PLUS, Befores and Afters!

When you order a new mailbox, re-purpose the old mailbox in your garden!

Catherine Ainsworth’s charming mailbox, covered in Clematis blooms

Billie Hayman’s mailbox with roses tucked inside

Billie Hayman says, “I had to show you what I did with the rusty mailbox! When I painted it red, it was so rusty it was dark underneath and turned out perfectly two-toned!

Before: Jeanne Sammons found this old mailbox

Jeanne Sammons says, “This mailbox is out in my Secret Garden. I moved my little garage sale bird from the stump to on top of the mailbox.”

Jeanne’s mailbox with letters cut from old license plates

Jeanne’s mailbox now can hold tools and save her the trip to the garage

Marie Muses over a  Mailbox

Marie Niemann’ started with this nicely rusty mailbox

Marie Muses over a Mailbox

Marie Niemann says, “I finally found this cool old rusty country mailbox at a local antique mall! Plus this wonderful old 4×4 I found in the desert is an added plus! I’ll mount it right in my raised gardens, to house my garden tools and gloves so they’ll be handy!”

Marie’s ‘finished’ her garden mailbox with rusty chains as decoration

“Thanks to my sweet hubby, …he helped me get it properly secured in my raised gardens. Not only do I like the look of it here, I love the usefulness of it in my garden to keep a few of my garden tools and gloves. Very handy! I love it!! So handy to keep track of my tools, I find myself actually putting them away more now. ” Marie says.

Another of Billie Hayman’s garden mailboxes

Giggleworks Design Studio’s ladder mailbox

With a ladder as your garden vignette ‘anchor,’ set a rusty or painted mailbox on one of the steps, then surround it with a few more garden treasures and found objects of various heights combined with lots of flowers!

Diane Novak’s mailbox

Diane Novak says, “A corner post from an old family farm pig pen and an auction mailbox, makes a great decorating garden piece for the towns local Postmaster, me! I plan to change the décor with the seasons.”

Jeannie Rhodes says, “Here’s my “marvelous mailbox”.

Jan Brown’s garden mailbox. The red flag matches the Hollyhocks behind it and the pop of blue sparkles

thReaDs~n~StUfF says, “I found this old mailbox in a trash pile, now it’s on my porch with a pot of flowers…..I LOVE it!!”

Myra Glandon’s mailbox planter. WHAT a cool idea! I began looking for an old mailbox at this point.

Myra Glandon’s mailbox, this year. I LOVED this!

Sue Langley’s mailbox planter, inspired by Myra Glandon’s

Make a Mailbox Planter of Your Own! See "Make A Garden Planter From A Mailbox!"