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So....About This New Charge...

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If you've downloaded the latest release of NoteStream, you probably noticed that we're setting up an annual membership for our Book Club. The why behind it has to do with something that we don't do.

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So....About This New Charge...

In this modern, connected world, it’s so hard to escape.

The shudder and ping of a message or text no longer comes as any great surprise; we’re waiting for them. Silence brings not peace, but insecurity.

A memorable moment doesn’t exist without an Instagram post; a low charge is a first world catastrophe; the news comes in bite-sized, movable facts.

To ignore this new reality is an unrealistic dream for all but a few.

No Need

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No Need

The likes of Elton John and Karl Lagerfield boast they don’t carry smartphones, but they undoubtedly have assistants that do and while George Clooney may say he’d rather “have a rectal exam on live TV by a fellow with cold hands” than a Facebook page, he’s hardly in need of “Likes”, now is he?

For most of us, our jobs, our friendships and even our lives can depend on staying in touch via our smartphones.

It’s why we came up with NoteStream. We love the smell and feel of a good, old-fashioned book as much as the next person (over 30) but more people than ever before are reading exclusively on apps.

The book is going the way of records; an overpriced conversation piece for the over-40s. I’m writing as someone who just paid $26 for David Bowie’s ‘Hunky Dory’ on vinyl and keep wondering why it’s so quiet because I forget to turn over the disc.

NoteStream provides the escape we all need when we’re waiting for a friend, sitting on a bus or subway or maybe just biding time between tweets.

You can open the app and read the classic novel you put off for three decades because the book type was just so dense and reminded you of the English Lit teacher with the elbow pads and hair shooting out of his ears.

On the app, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling and Mary Shelley are serialized not in bite-sized snippets but in carefully crafted, illustrated installments that draw you into another world of drama and fantasy that has always been literature’s virtual reality.

You can also read about beer making, wine tasting or why you should put butter in your coffee. Subjects as diverse as gardening, music, science, travel, history and travel are investigated in eclectic depth that makes sense only to the curiosity of the human mind.

The one thing you will NOT find on NoteStream is an ad. There’s no countdown to skip a product-pushing video; no survey asking why, why, why; no mind-boggling commercial trying to sell the same model car you’d googled the previous week.

Because it’s not an escape when you keep getting pulled back to Earth.

1930 Spring Millinery Advertisement, Portsmouth Herald

Who wants a pop-up ad for bonnets every time Elizabeth Bennet dresses up for a walk around the English countryside? Or a Guinness ad when Pip pops into the Three Jolly Bargemen?

Instead, after two years of self-funding the all-free app, NoteStream is expanding its Book Club - with daily episodes of Austen’s ‘Emma’ and Dickens’ season classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ the latest additions - in return for an annual membership fee of $3.99.

For $3.99 a year, readers get access to every serialized novel published by NoteStream with their customized illustrations and scientifically-scaled installments to create the perfect digital literary experience.

Most importantly, the small Book Club membership buys you the escape we crave using the very technology that threatens to enslave us in the here and now.

Building walls seems to be all the rage right now but this is more of a bridge to a literary future we can share without any interruptions.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side.

We don’t want any NoteStream reader to miss out on all our unique classic content because of the new $3.99 membership. Please contact our CEO Michelle at for information about our financial assistance Book Club program. Reading is our thing.