6 Benefits of Self-Love cover

6 Benefits of Self-Love


Love yourself. You've heard those words before (and not just in an amazing Justin Bieber song!), but have you ever paused to ask why you should embrace self-love?

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6 Benefits of Self-Love

Life Outlook

Love yourself.

You've heard those words before (and not just in an amazing Justin Bieber song!), but have you ever paused to ask why you should embrace self-love?

There are many reasons to love yourself, not least of which is summed up in the quote above: loving yourself changes your whole outlook on life.

Self-love is one of the most important topics I write about here on Positively Present.

I firmly believe it's the foundation for creating a positive, present life because, if you don't have love and respect for yourself, what incentive do you have for staying optimistic in the moment?

Self-Love Stickers

Image by Positively Present

Self-Love Stickers

I'll go into more detail about why self-love is absolutely essential below, but before I do, I have some very exciting news... I've released my first non-book product: STICKERS!

Gift Idea

This might sound like a small thing, but I am beyond excited about this new release.

For one, I've never released a non-book product before and, two, I absolutely love purchasing stationery items that make me feel inspired, so it feels amazing to have created something that will hopefully inspire others!

The 5x7 self-love sticker sheet is perfect for anyone looking for self-love and inspiration. It's also a great gift for a friend who might need a little self-love boost!

Products Details

This sticker sheet features an extra special mirror sticker.

Stick it on your shirt or jacket and look in the mirror for the sticker's uplifting message to be revealed!

Printed in full color, these kiss-cut stickers are perfect for planners, diaries, notes, letters, or any other place you might need a positive pick-me-up. :)

Each sheet is packaged in a cellophane packet to keep your stickers nice and clean until you're ready to use them. One (1) sheet per pack. Each sheet has eleven (11) stickers.

Get Sticky Today

I'm particularly pumped about the mirror sticker idea I came up with.

I've never seen a sticker designed to be read in the mirror, and I think it's an absolutely perfect way to reflect (get it -- mirror, reflect, ha!) on self-love and encouragement.

I really hope you'll check out the stickers and treat yourself (or a friend!) to a bit of self-love.

Go get 'em over at Etsy and come back to read more about self-love...

Moving On...

... okay, now back to the benefits of self-love!

I'm sure you've probably read plenty on how to cultivate self-love (if not, read some articles here), but sometimes it can be extra motivating when you know about the benefits of doing something.

For example, one of the ways people stay motivated to exercise is because they're aware of its many benefits and, when they don't feel like doing it, they remind themselves of all the ways staying active will help them. Same goes for self-love.

When you keep self-love's benefits in mind, you're more likely to practice it -- and it'll be much harder to treat yourself badly (or tolerate anyone else who does!).

Practice Makes Perfect

Image by Positively Present

Practice Makes Perfect

Here the the reasons you should practice self-love as often as you can:

Emotional Security

First and foremost, when you love yourself, you have more emotional stability (which is a very important foundation for almost every other aspect of your life).

When you're focused on loving yourself, you won't seek validation or approval from others (or from society in general).

As a result, you live your life according to your rules and, though others will impact the way you feel at times, you won't spend your life reacting to and being dependent on others' desires.

Finding Self-Love


Finding Self-Love

You'll also be much more attuned to your own needs and will prioritize them. (And, no, this is not selfish.)

Positive thinking

In addition to the invaluable emotional stability self-love offers you, it also has the added benefit of promoting positive thinking.

The way you think (and talk) about yourself greatly influences how you feel and act, even if you don't always realize it.

If you're thinking wonderful, encouraging things about yourself, it's easier to have positive thoughts about others and the world around you.

Additionally, maintaining a strong sense of self and cultivating self-love makes it much more difficult for negative thoughts to take over; your self-loving mind will challenge them and strive to neutralize them with positive thinking.

Inspired Individuals

You've probably heard the saying "like attracts like," and it's never been more true than when it comes to self-love.

When you love who you are, you're much more likely to surround yourself with those who also love themselves -- people who are inspiring, encouraging, and empowering.

Self-loving individuals don't have a need to judge or bring down others, and they don't spend time with those who do.

The more you focus on loving yourself, the more you'll attract those that love themselves, and those are the kinds of people that will motivate and inspire you.

True Love

Not only does self-love help you attract positive, inspiring people in general, but it also serves as a important foundation for romantic love.

Want to attract the right kind of partner?

You have to be the right kind of partner. It's going to be very challenging for others to love you if you don't love you.

Additionally, self-love impacts how you treat others. The more you love yourself, the more loving you'll be -- and you'll be less like to settle for anything less than loving interactions with others.

Better Relationships


Better Relationships

When both people love themselves, they're likely to have a more productive, positive, and meaningful relationship.

Avoid Aggression and Violence

Anyone who watches the news knows that there is a lot of violence throughout the world.

Violence is almost always a result of inner pain, which is frequently caused by a lack of self-love.

If everyone in the world loved him or herself, hate, intolerance, and violence would be minimal (if nonexistent).

People who love themselves don't need to put others down, commit acts of violence, or act aggressively toward others.

Avoid Negativity


Avoid Negativity

Even if you don't experience violence in your own life, you've probably experienced negative emotions like envy and jealousy (and maybe even hate).

These feelings dissipate and disappear when you cultivate self-love.

Professional Success

With self-love in place, you're more likely to have professional success for a number of reasons.

For one, self-love makes you more confident, and people, particularly in the workplace, are attracted to confident people.

People will put their trust in you, and that trust will motivate more work hard, which is the true path to success.

Additionally, the more you love yourself, the less likely you are to be governed by others' expectations. You're also more likely to find and follow your passion, which is one of the best ways to find lasting success.

No Small Task

Clearly there are many self-love benefits, but self-love, useful as it is, isn't always easy.

It's important to practice it every single day and incorporate it into all aspects of your life -- from your relationships to your career to your thought patterns.

Surrounding yourself with people who love themselves and putting yourself in positive situations are two great ways to do this.

It's also helpful to have inspiration and encouragement around you in the form of books, websites, and, yes, even little things like stickers. ;) The more inspired you feel (and the more you're reminded to love yourself!), the easier self-love becomes.

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