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The iCandidate: Looking For Heroes - 9th Installment

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The iCandidate is a unique interactive thriller about a political reality show to choose a potential President of the United States in which the reader has a key say in how the plot unfolds.
In The iCandidate, eight finalists from all walks of life face the kind of challenges they might have to deal with in the Oval Office:
• Will they use the nuclear button?
• What will they do about ISIS?
• How will they cope in a crisis?
At the end of each round the reader gets to cast an iVote to help determine who stays and who goes home. It is democracy in its purest form, free from party loyalties, donor obligations and antiquated electoral practices.
In the novel, serialized weekly on NoteStream, the eventual people’s champion goes on to challenge the political establishment in an iCampaign for the presidency climaxing in an explosive finale in Washington on November 8.
But The iCandidate has even greater aspirations to trigger a revolution in the way America selects the most powerful man or woman on the planet.
Change America one iVote at a time by choosing your iCandidate.
Join the NoteStream Book Club iCandidate: Looking For Heroes – Election 2016 and cast your in-app iVote to save your favorite iCandidates!
Watch out for the release of a second unique contemporary novel - DIVAS by Bill Wagner - this Spring.

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The iCandidate: Looking For Heroes - 9th Installment

Chapter 20

A familiar face loomed on the large TV screen. “I am happy to give my endorsement to….The iCandidate.”

Bernie Sanders smiled and the lens pulled back to show the Democrat presidential candidate standing on the reality show stage with Andy Kristoff. Behind them were the seven remaining contestants sitting in the brightly lit, mock Oval Office.

“We’re delighted to have Bernie Sanders in the studio. He’s kindly taken time out of his busy schedule to pay us a visit.” Kristoff put his arm around the older man’s shoulders. “It’s great to have you here, Senator.”

Bernie Sanders

Image by Gage Skidmore, (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Bernie Sanders

“Delighted to take you up on your offer, Andy.” His grueling campaign against Hillary Clinton for the party nomination didn’t seem to have taken a toll. He was upbeat and enthusiastic. “I have my own reasons for coming on this show.”

Political Revolution

He stepped forward and the camera once again framed his face.

“We need a political revolution in this country. I’ve been saying this right from the start in my campaign and I believe it with all my heart. The young people know it; everybody outside Washington knows it. It’s the reason I am standing for the presidency. There’s no time to waste.”

Sanders was giving the iCandidates a master class in politics. But he was deadly serious.

Shake Up

“I haven’t had the time to grow my campaign the way I wanted to. At this point, it may well be that Secretary of State Clinton wins the nomination, and that’s fine, too.

“But,” he paused dramatically, “I believe that where I failed, The iCandidate may succeed. This show has the potential to shake up the tired election system in the United States. I’m not alone in thinking this; President Obama feels much the same…

“The iCandidate is not just a reality show. It may well be the catalyst we need to start a revolutionary change in the way we elect our President.”

Starting To Believe

Starting To Believe

The audience had listened in rapt attention, not quite sure whether this was a TV gimmick. But then, Kristoff stepped forward to join Sanders again, and the crowd erupted. Everyone was on their feet, including the iCandidates, the judges, even the crew. They were starting to believe.

Up To You

Sanders turned and entered the studio’s ‘Oval Office’ to shake hands with the contestants while Kristoff calmed the audience.

“As you know, tonight is our second results show following last night’s ‘Trump Debate’ challenge. You can say what you like about ‘The Donald’ but he’s certainly a great sport.

“He put our iCandidates on the spot and now it’s up to you, America, to decide how they did. You know the score; the finalist with the lowest number of votes in our unique online iVote will be on their way home tonight.”

Judge Jacqueline

Kristoff walked over to the judges’ panel.

“Jacqueline, how do you think they did?”

“Good, really good. I like the way Todd stood his ground against Donald, and Tom was just darling, as usual. But I’m not really sure what Rich was thinking…if anything.

I mean, if Donald Trump’s best contribution to this country is providing good looking babes for guys to look at, then God help us all! Now if it were the other way around…”


“Kudos to Grace, too,” chimed in Rob.

“She wasn’t intimidated in the least. That was the point of the challenge—to see how our iCandidates perform under pressure.”

“Nonsense!” said Walter Penske. “The girl’s a fool and she’s turned off every Conservative in the nation.”

“Isn’t the whole point that our guys are apolitical? They don’t have to be pigeonholed.” Rob was sitting next to Penske, and they couldn’t look more different. The rail-thin rocker with shoulder-length hair, and the balding, robin-breasted politician with a shock of white hair.

The Donald’s Rating

Kristoff was worried Penske had been drinking and moved to shut him up. “Before you iVote, America,” he said, “take a look at this video and see how Donald rated our ICandidates.”

The lights dimmed and this time it was Donald Trump’s face that filled the screen.


“I think I did great tonight,” he said.

“But I’ve been asked by Andy Kristoff to rate how the iCandidates did answering my questions, so I can help America make up its mind in the vote.

“So here goes…

“Todd. I’m right here and you’re wrong. A lot of Muslims hate the United States and that’s why we need to keep them out until there’s a more stable situation. But hey, you’re a young guy, you’ll learn and I like you, I really do. You have some good ideas. I’d certainly keep you around.

Terrific Tom

Terrific Tom

“I have to say, I’m surprised by how well Tom has done on this show. It’s the truth. It’s what I do. But he seems like a terrific gal and I’m pulling for him. I’m friends with all my ex-wives; marriage is a tough thing to get right even when you’re doing it the traditional way. It may surprise you but I’m wishing Tom all the best.

In and Out

“I’d give Jen a job tomorrow in the Trump organization.

I don’t think I can speak more highly of her than that.

“As for Gillian, well she’s delusional if she thinks she has what it takes to be president. Obama has devastated the health system in this great country and she is trying to persuade us that he did us all a favor.

No! It’s just wrong and America agrees with me. In my humble opinion, Gillian should go.

One Yes, One No

“Rich Francombe is a legend. Period.

I don’t know how you folks managed to get him to run in this contest but you guys must be geniuses, too. Two Super Bowl rings. Legend. He’s got my vote.

“Cameron came across a little weedy to me. You have to be strong with a country like China. Let them know who’s boss. Is Cameron tough enough? It’s your call really. I say no.



“And so we come to the lovely Grace Conwright. I didn’t know her late parents, but I do know that they were good people and my sympathies go to this young woman. She seems like a tough cookie and I can appreciate that. We don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye but she’s someone who has strong opinions and so do I. Perhaps she could think next time before she compares someone to a Nazi though…

Good Luck

“Good luck everyone—and by the way—the winner is invited to come visit me in the White House next January.”

Back on stage, Kristoff was now surrounded by the iCandidates. Tension showed in all their faces.

“I’d like to thank Bernie and Donald. But now we have some more important business to handle.

“It’s time to iVote America. As Bernie said earlier, we are spearheading a political revolution here, one iVote at a time.

stack not empty!

iVote Now!

“Open your NoteStream app, go to the Results Show chapter and cast your iVotes for your three top iCandidates this week.

The one with the least iVotes will be going home. You have just one week to make your iVote count, so do it NOW!”

Reader's Note: This Challenge is now complete. Please be sure to iVote in the next Challenge and save your favorite iCandidates

Credits Roll

The lights went out, the closing credits rolled and Krisoff breathed a sigh of relief.

It had gone well, he thought. He’d spent an entire day arguing with Desmond, Mase and Jacqueline over whether they should cross that fourth wall dividing their reality show with the real presidential campaign. Desmond and Jacqueline were against it; he and Mase were, for once, in agreement, and in the end Kristoff had insisted on the casting vote.

Desmond was heading his way now. His face was always hard to read. He was right next to Kristoff when his face cracked into an enormous smile and he wrapped him in a bear hug.

Fact vs Fiction

“You did it!

You were right - that was fantastic! Now it’s going to really be tough for the American people to separate fact from fiction. I hate to say it Andy, but you are exceptional at this.

“I’ve got a feeling we are going to break all the records with this next iVote.”