This Woman Reversed Diabetes at Age 60! cover

This Woman Reversed Diabetes at Age 60!


Sujata Kulkarni, 60, suffered from diabetes for 23 years before she reversed her condition–solely with diet modifications and following a healthy lifestyle. It was with the help of Dr. Pramod Tripathi that she could turn things around. Sujata shares how she achieved this feat.

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This Woman Reversed Diabetes at Age 60!

Early Years

Twenty-three years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes by a leading diabetologist in Pune.

He said any of my organs could be affected in the event my blood sugar level is not kept under control. This terrified me and I started rigorously working towards controlling my blood sugar under his able guidance. He put me on a specific diet and exercises without prescribing any medicines.

For the first five years my blood sugar was under control. And then my traumatic trial began. Despite the same diet and exercise, my blood sugar started shooting up. I was prescribed a small tablet and it slowly increased to two, three and more, from milder tablets to stronger ones.

Avoiding Insulin

Avoiding Insulin

But even tablets did not help and the doctor advised that I should start insulin injections.

Side Effects

I was very scared of pricks so I avoided it. In order to avoid it I started following a very strict diet and exercising, but to no avail.

My blood sugar level just would not stop increasing. Finally, collecting all my wits I started taking insulin shots. Another couple of years went by and again my blood sugar started shooting up. From 5 units of insulin, I started taking up 105 units of insulin.

My trauma did not stop here, I started facing a number of side effects and along with this, many other medicines were added, one-by-one, to my already long list of medicines and insulin.

The Last Straw

At one point, I felt I was consuming more medicines than food.

The last straw was when I was told to take lifelong antibiotic medicines for my chronic indigestion. My weight also shot up from 60 kg to 78 kg. From here onwards I went to a number of doctors for a second and third opinion, I tried ayurveda, homeopathy and even ‘jadi butis’ (herbal remedies). I tried all sorts of diets but my blood sugar level would not normalize. In spite of all this, my faith in God was firm. I told myself I would definitely meet someone who will cure me of this dreaded disease.

A Ray of Hope

On April 1, 2015 I started treatment and within 6 weeks I lost 12 kg and within 8 weeks I stopped all my medicines and insulin.

I also got rid of chronic diarrhea and stopped consuming antibiotics. My eyesight, which had become a little weak, also improved. I slowly regained my strength and stamina too. I used to feel drowsy earlier, but now I am on my toes throughout the day.

Back on Track

Back on Track


First and foremost, I was asked to stop having dairy, bakery products and non-vegetarian food.

I was asked to start having vegan food. These have helped me develop a strong and healthy digestive system. This is the diet I’ve followed since the treatment:

• I drink a smoothie first thing in the morning

• For breakfast, I have a bowl of raw sprouts along with a bowl of raw vegetables.

• For lunch, I have 25% of one grain (chapati/rice/millets), 25% cooked vegetable, 25% soup and 25% raw salad along with wet or dry chutney.

• For dinner I have the same quantity as lunch, except that I do not repeat the same grain.

• Once a week I do a vegetable juice feast, i.e. I make different combinations of vegetable juices and have them every two hours throughout the day. It is like fasting—I do not eat any solid food throughout the day. Juice feasting helps detoxify the body completely.

Improve Your Life

Improve Your Life

Current Fitness Levels

My energy levels have increased and how! I get up at 5 a.m. and do pranayama, meditation, aerobics and abs exercises for an hour.

I go for walks and jog for 45 minutes in the evening. I am fitter than ever and not on a single medication. I can confidently say that Dr. Pramod’s treatment not only takes care of diabetes but cures other ailments as well.

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