Bonnie Bakhtiari: B Is For Bonnie Design cover

Bonnie Bakhtiari: B Is For Bonnie Design


As every twenty-something knows sometimes the world seems full of more questions than answers, and we struggle with how to go about finding our way. With that in mind welcome to our profile series featuring twenty-something women who are out there kicking ass, taking names, and creating their own world. These successful ladies are sharing their insights, tips, and tricks for success, listen up!

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Bonnie Bakhtiari: B Is For Bonnie Design

A Trendy Superhero

Have you been pining over everything in the B is For Bonnie shop? So have we.

After months of admiring her prints from afar, obsessing over her Instagram, and dreaming about a brand consultation with her, we are so excited to give you a peek behind the curtain into the world of Bonnie. This girl is nothing less than a superhero dressed in the trendiest outfit out there (see next Note). Not only that, she creates a world where every one of your dreams is reachable, a world of inspiration, support, love and all the tools to help you succeed. In our opinion she is the ultimate #GIRLBOSS, and we are lucky enough to share some of her super powers with you.

B is for Bonnie Design

B is for Bonnie Design

Bonnie Bakhtiari courtesy of Caroline Joy Photography

An Interview with Bonnie

How did B Is For Bonnie Design start?

I actually started b is for bonnie design back in the spring of 2012 as a little wedding stationery boutique! That direction only lasted a few months as I soon realized that branding for creative business owners was a better fit for my skill set. I added the b is for bonnie shop a few months later as a little creative outlet to pour my time and energy when I wasn’t busy working with my wonderful branding clients. There you’ll find all sorts of foil stamped goodness that focuses on messages that encourage and inspire.


Your brand is so whimsical and feminine; what inspires you most?

I’m a true girly girl at heart and have an undying love for gold, pink and confetti! I’d say I’m inspired by a healthy mix of vibrant colors and pastels, feminine touches like tulle and sparkle, as well as timeless glam. I’m a romantic at heart and believe that love truly is in the details. I try to reflect that belief in everything from the stocks I use for my prints to the finishing packaging details on every order.

A Space to Create

A Space to Create


What’s in a word?

How do you decide on quotes and sayings for your print collections?

I try to listen to themes or overarching messages that are weighing on my heart, as well as the feedback my sweet customers provide. In a world that often tells us we aren’t good enough, I aim to focus on messages that provide truth, encouragement and joy. You’ll find a mix of poignant and timeless quotes from famous figures, popular phrases and my own mantras in the shop.

Stylish Matters

How do you style your prints at home?

Actually, I only display a handful of my favorites in our home. I find it really inspiring and refreshing to fill our home with other artists’ work. I do have my “Love Fiercely” print hanging in my home studio and my little “Thunder in our Hearts” print propped up on a bookshelf in our living room. My sweet husband loves that print!

Weekend Repertoire

What is a typical Saturday in your life like?

On Saturdays we treat ourselves to a little extra sleep and start off the day with coffee curled up on the couch. We believe in working hard, playing hard and resting equally well, so our days off are filled with a healthy mix of housework that simply didn’t happen during the workweek (ahem, laundry), little adventures and being still. Our latest Saturday routine involves an afternoon outing to Trader Joe’s for groceries, fresh flowers, if I’m lucky, and a quick stop by Chipotle for burrito bowls. As displaced Texans, we appreciate being able to rely on Chipotle for consistent, quick Mexican food wherever we go.

Weekend Pleasure

Weekend Pleasure


Defining Characteristics

What word defines being a twenty-something?

Opportune! This time in our lives is rich with possibilities and we have so much freedom to determine which paths we’ll choose. The sky really is the limit!

Words of Encouragement

If you could let other twenty-somethings in on a secret, what would it be?

Give yourself grace. Don’t expect to have everything figured out right now, and don’t expect that you’ll do everything perfectly. You will make mistakes and how you choose to learn from them will determine the kind of lady you’ll be. Be kind to yourself and know that it’s totally acceptable to not have all the answers

Overcoming Challenges

What challenges have you faced as a twenty-something business owner?

Especially when I was first establishing my business, I encountered quite a few printers who didn’t take me seriously because of my age. Despite my knowledge of graphic design, paper types and printing methods, it felt like my youth was all some people saw in me. It was frustrating but it made me even more determined to keep my head down, work hard and establish trust and respect based on my merits and not my appearance.

Find Your Beat

Find Your Beat


Mood Stabilizer

How do you turn around a bad day?

Whenever my day is headed straight for the dumps, I take one out of Florence + The Machine’s book and just shake it out. Putting on an upbeat Pandora station, getting up from my desk and busting a few quick moves can cure just about anything, in my opinion. If I’m not in the grooving mood, even just a simple change of scenery or quick walk outdoors can instantly bolster my mood.

A Few Favorite Things

Tell us about a few of your favorite things – what always puts a smile on your face?

My sweet husband can always make me laugh! Our golden retriever, Rascal, is the sweetest pup this side of the Mason-Dixon. I’m also a big fan of soy lattes, sassy sit-coms like New Girl and The Mindy Project, trying out a new recipe in our little kitchen and sitting outside with a glass of wine in hand.