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Empowering Human Trafficking Survivors

International Sanctuary works to rehabilitate girls and young women rescued from human trafficking. iSanctuary provides them with marketable training, and empowers them with the skills they need to sustain themselves and pursue better futures filled with tangible options.

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Resilient Community

Our community reinforces the idea: You belong.
In a recent survey of iSanctuary Mumbai participants, 77% described the community environment as the element they value most about their experience working at iSanctuary. Over half described the Sanctuary as family. This data is exciting because it shows that our program is working.
Many human trafficking survivors have complex social histories that may include neglect and betrayal from those close to them beginning at a young age. Isolation from others is one of the primary means that traffickers use to coerce and dominate their victims. Any sense of belonging to a community that they previously had is stripped away.

Category: Social Awareness

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The Art Of Dreaming

For many young women in iSanctuary’s program, dreams feel unattainable. People who have experienced depression, trauma, or abuse, know that formulating a dream for the future can be nearly impossible. For this reason, the Mumbai Sanctuary is practicing the art of dreaming.
It's easy to think that dreaming is something that always comes naturally to humans, but there is a surprising extent to which dreaming is a learned experience. At times, the young women in the Mumbai Sanctuary are unable to see beyond their present situation, so dreaming becomes something we learn and practice together.

Category: Social Awareness

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