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Paul Wallace is Zonata's founder and MD. He has a true passion for business and is massively excited by the opportunities that Zonata provides for its clients and partners. He loves helping owner-managed businesses be exceptionally successful, and enjoys the phenomenal quality of the people who work with him.

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Career Breaks For Entrepreneurs?

Sounds like a bit of an anathema: surely people who run their own businesses work hard and don’t have time for luxuries such as career breaks?

Category: Business

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Got Any Culture in Your Business?

Without doing anything about it, every business has a culture. The problem with doing nothing about it, is that it will be what it will be, not necessarily what we would ideally like it to be. Not necessarily what is optimal for the business nor, more importantly, what is best for customers.

Category: Business

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Developing Your Brand

A brand is a lens through which the world sees a business. Part physical, part associative, it embodies what the organisation stands for, what it does and how it does it. It's the personality, style, values and image of your business. If you want to be taken seriously in your marketplace a robust brand isn't just important, it's absolutely critical.

Category: Business

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