Profile: Yvette Johnson-Walker

Yvette Johnson-Walker's research interests include veterinary clinical epidemiology and infectious disease outbreak investigation; geographic information systems as a tool for disease surveillance and monitoring environmental impacts of agriculture; and international programs to enhance health and productivity for farmers with limited resources.

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NoteStreams By Yvette Johnson-Walker

Disaster Ready At Zoos and Natural Preserves

Infectious disease outbreaks, weather emergencies and disasters both natural and man-made—they’re all not just threats to human populations—they have the potential to disrupt the daily operations of zoos and aquariums and the lives of their animal inhabitants. There are more than 2,800 USDA licensed animal exhibitors in the US, ranging from very large facilities to private individuals with few animals. It’s crucial for all the venues in this diverse community to prepare for disasters and have contingency plans in place.

Category: Nature

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