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Whispering Gums, known in “real” life as Sue, is just a keen semi-retired reader, filmgoer, concertgoer living downunder. I’m a member of internet bookgroups as well as two face-to-face reading groups (one of which is a Jane Austen group). I also like writing – not fiction but just putting thoughts on paper (or screen as the case may be) – and so decided to give blogging a go. It feels vaguely self-indulgent. Who on earth would want to read what I write? But of course no-one else need read what I write so on that basis I will indulge myself. My excuse, anyhow, is that I think it is important to keep up with modern communication technologies as we get older. One day it may be hard to get out and about and electronic communications will be my way into the world. I don’t want to be left behind…
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My main focus is book reviews but I do occasionally stray into other areas of literature and even further into other topics of cultural interest (to me) such as music and film. I’m hoping that maintaining this blog will help keep dementia at bay – not only through the actual brain effort used to write it but by helping me remember what I thought in the past. Next time someone asks me “What did you think of The slap?”, I’ll be able to answer (at least, I will after I have a quick squizz at my blog post!).

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Rudyard Kipling: An Interview with Mark Twain

An Interview with Mark Twain was published in 1890, the year after Kipling, then 23 years old and on his overseas tour to Europe and the USA, interviewed the great man.
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