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Victoria is currently developing a project that explores the ways that technologies impact on culture-as-folklore, both as a repository of human reflections and as an evolving set of practices. Her work navigates areas that touch on race, class and gender in the context of self-articulation, but is primarily interested in the analysis and aetiology of dominant cultural narratives.
She has taught History of Art, Visual Cultures, Cultural Studies and English Literature at the Universities of Leeds, Goldsmiths and Kingston, and co-edited a volume with Griselda Pollock entitled 'Bluebeard's Legacy: Death and Secrets from Bartok to Hitchcock': London, IB TAURIS 2009.
For many years she was a frustrated novelist, and as a consequence has given up novels altogether and now only reads menus, instruction manuals and Twitter. When not working on academic or other writing projects, she works for a University of Bristol spin-out specialising in research-based learning technology.

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NoteStreams By Victoria Anderson

Banksy’s Dismaland Is Pure Magic

It’s not easy being a superstar anti-establishment art celebrity. Back in the late 1990s I was one of a group of art students who, for a time, became mildly famous as art pranksters. Within the group we could never be sure – and this despite our most earnest efforts – that our work really was the stuff of revolution. But we were in the papers. We were on the Turner Prize programme. We were even offered a book deal. Nonetheless it’s hard to maintain revolutionary kudos once you’ve been interviewed by Timmy Mallett.

Category: Arts

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