Profile: Tom Ross

Food Microbiologist

Tom is a food microbiologist, specializing in mathematical modeling and microbial ecology of foods and works at the Food Safety Centre at the University of Tasmania. The Centre is recognized for both academic and practical contributions to microbial food safety and food safety management. In addition to microbial ecology and physiology studies, the Centre has developed mathematical models and risk-based decision-support systems that are used in the food industry and by government to improve food safety and food preservation. Tom is active in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and training, and has supervised or co-supervised 21 PhD graduands, most of who now work in academia, the food manufacturing industry or for government food safety organizations.

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NoteStreams By Tom Ross

Health Check: Is It Safe To Cut Mold Off Food?

Some molds make and release poisons, called mycotoxins, into the food that could, over time, make you very sick. Why they do it is not especially well understood but that doesn’t make it any safer. So, should we just cut it off?

Category: Food

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