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Tim has been tending bar in NYC since 2003. Currently he can be found mixing drinks at The Long Island Bar in Brooklyn and at The Eddy in Providence, RI. He is a cocktail bartender who loves creating new drinks. Some of his creations have been featured in such publications as: The New York Times, The New York Post, The, and Shakestir! He won The annual 'Bring Your Bartender to the Opera Contest” and was a U.S. Finalist in the 17th Annual Calvados Nouvelle Vogue International Competition.

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Cocktails: A Love Story

Why a seasoned beer and shots bartender transitioned to working with high end cocktails!
I’ve been a bartender in New York City for ten years. I’ve been a cocktail bartender for the last three years. That means that three years ago I decided to start working harder during each shift, spend more of my free time studying classic cocktails, spirits, wine and beer, as well as memorizing countless recipes. Why would anyone make a career move that costs them money?

Category: Cocktails

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