Profile: Tim Devane

Principal at NextView

Tim is the New York-based Principal at NextView. He wakes up every day hoping to meet, work with, and write about seed-stage startups and the entrepreneurs behind them. Tim began his career at Betaworks, working in a variety of roles for the Betaworks seed fun and studio. He then joined as one of the first employees and became Director of Business Development and Sales. After, Tim became COO of Epic Magazine and an EIR at Red Sea Ventures. A graduate of Wesleyan University, Tim helped launched Digital Wes, an alumni-student organization that helps undergrads find jobs at startups. His first foray into entrepreneurship was starting an environmental non-profit in college called Birthright Earth. Tim was born in London, grew up in Washington D.C., and now lives in downtown Manhattan with the most adorable brindle mutt in the world.

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NoteStreams By Tim Devane

NYC Is A Great Place To Be An Entrepreneur

New York City is a tremendous place to be an entrepreneur. For a pursuit that largely revolves around silent time spent at a computer by one person then, slowly at first, a few more people, a bit more talking, and on and on until failure, acquisition, or IPO, it may seem inconsequential to consider where it all goes down. There are, of course, many necessary considerations, emotions, and excursions beyond a laptop and Wi-Fi along the path of starting up and so place does matter

Category: Business

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