Profile: Thomas Snitch

CEO, GeoQuera

Snitch's current research focuses on mathematical modeling to combat poaching of endangered species in Africa and Asia. He combines high-resolution satellite imagery, unmanned aerial vehicles and algorithms developed with other researchers at UMIACS to provide useful information to game wardens protecting the animals.
He is the CEO and co-founder of GeoQuera, as well as president of Little Falls Associates, an international consulting firm.
Snitch received his doctorate in international economics from American University in 1979.

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NoteStreams By Thomas Snitch

Satellites, Math & Drones Take Down Poachers

In 2014, 1,215 rhinos were killed in South Africa for their horns, which end up in Asia as supposed cures for a variety of ailments. An estimated 30,000 African elephants were slaughtered last year for their tusks to be turned into trinkets. The world loses three rhinos a day and an elephant every 15 minutes. Simply stated, this is an unsustainable situation. Using new technology, we can actually predict the movements of poaches and deploy rangers to better best protect these areas.

Category: Nature

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