Profile: Thomas Hull

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Tom Hull is a leading expert on the mathematics of origami (paper folding) and has given talks on this topic all over the world. His research uses graph theory, combinatorics, geometry, and other areas of math, with applications in engineering, materials science, art, and education. He is the faculty advisor of the Math Club, he enjoys having students be involved in his research, and he teaches regularly in the graduate Masters in Mathematics for Teachers (MAMT) program. He also likes playing Ultimate Frisbee and reading supernatural horror.

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NoteStreams By Thomas Hull

Origami: Mathematics in Creasing

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. One uncut square of paper can, in the hands of an origami artist, be folded into a bird, a frog, a sailboat, or a Japanese samurai helmet beetle. Origami can be extraordinarily complicated and intricate.

Category: Science

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