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My name is Jenn, and I am a 30-year-old faculty advisor, teaching English at a local university in a small town. This is the first time in my life I haven’t had a five-year plan, which is disconcerting, to say the least. I have a love affair with fiction – almost any type – and classic film.
I guess I should also address the “picky” part of the title. Am I picky? Hmmm. I like to think of it as discerning. My friends may disagree. I pick books by their covers. I don’t love romance novels although my best friend does. I like mysteries but prefer British or Scottish detective procedurals. I love classic literature in general with the exception of Charles Dickens. Movies? Classics are my favorite. Cary Grant is the reason I may never marry (sorry, Mom). My New Yorker brother gets irritated with me for not wanting to watch “art” films, but I do! I just get a bad rap because I don’t like them all the time. I like documentaries but only when I’m in the mood for them. I like happy endings, I can’t help myself. And food? Let’s just leave that one alone. I will say, I’m trying.

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The Power of a Bedtime Story

But the act of reading to children isn’t as common as most readers would think. Ask any elementary school teacher, most children love story time, craving it, sitting with crossed legs, leaning forward, swaying tiny bodies to and fro to catch every last glimpse of the illustrated page before the teacher turns it to the next. Many of those children don’t have parents who read to them, who make sure each night ends with an imaginary world. And how can I criticize? I don’t have children, and they seem endlessly exhausting. These days, I barely have time to read my own bedtime story before my eyelids begin to droop.

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