Profile: Tasha Howe

Prof. of Psychology

As a developmental psychopathologist, Dr. Howe recognizes the importance of studying both normal developmental milestones and atypical transformations of children's functioning together. The field of developmental psychopathology works to restore functioning along children's normal developmental trajectories in order to optimize outcomes. Treatments focusing on attachment and emotion regulation are particularly important in that the ultimate goal is to help individuals regulate their neuroendocrine functioning and modulate HPA-Axis dysregulation in order to function happily and peacefully in social and emotional contexts. Developmental psychopathology and violence prevention within the family and across the globe are Dr. Howe's two research and teaching passions.

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NoteStreams By Tasha Howe

The Fate of Metalheads

Adults often worry about adolescents who identify with fringe-style cultures, whether it’s emo, hip-hop or juggalos. But every generation has its own set of musical cliques that draw millions of teenage fans. In the 1980s, heavy metal – a style of music characterized by blistering guitar solos and soaring vocals – was, by some measures, the most popular musical genre.

Category: Music

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