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Journalist and Blogger

Tanny grew up in Australia, in Sydney’s regular north-western suburbs. A third-culture kid twice removed, she was raised in a family with Malaysian-Chinese heritage eating food with a fork and spoon, but not being able to recognise a Beetles song from a Beach Boys number.
Her university education in communication and international studies took her all over the world – she first went to China in 2007 to live for a year. Besides having a blast and learning some Mandarin, she also researched about ethnic minorities in China and was particularly interested in how tourism impacted their way of living. A significant moment in China was when she met a strange Dane. She spent the next year abroad in Aarhus, Denmark on a university exchange program where she first learnt a bit about the North.

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NoteStreams By Tanny Por

After the Dog Sled

A pack of dogs kick up the snow with their strides forward. There are only 35 more meters to go, but the hounds’ muscles are clearly strained. With their tongues lolling in the crisp, fresh air, they labor to pull a sled, a driver and its passenger, me, towards the top of the hill. A few more meters of pulling, and then finally, the panting dogs arrive.

Category: Travel

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