Profile: Tamsin Edwards

Climate Scientist

Tamsin Edwards, PhD is a climate scientist at the University of Bristol. She uses computer models to study climate change, what impacts climate change has on sea level and the environment, and how confident we can be in our knowledge of the past and our predictions of the future. Tamsin Edwards received her PhD in particle physics, on diffractively produced Z bosons.

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NoteStreams By Tamsin Edwards

Modelling Greenland's Ice Sheets

Greenland’s ice sheet is not simply a giant ice cube, inert but for gradual erosion from climate change. It’s a dynamic, shifting landscape, a place of delicate balance between the forces that create ice and those that destroy it. Here you'll find out how ice speed is affected by surface meltwater predicting climate change and its effect on surface melting using climate models, and predicting how these would affect ice flow and sea level using ice sheet models.

Category: Science

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