Profile: Susan Cosier


Earthwire's Midwest correspondent, Cosier previously worked at Audubon magazine, and has written for a number of science and environmental publications. She's a graduate of New York University's science journalism program.

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NoteStreams By Susan Cosier

Monarchs Need Better Pit Stops on Their Epic Journeys

Projects across the Midwest are trying to bring milkweed and nectar-filled flowers back to the landscape.

Category: Nature

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The Peanut Butter Solution

A (tasty) plague-fighting vaccine for prairie dogs may give endangered black-footed ferrets a new lease on life.

Category: Nature

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You Don't Know Jack(Fruit)

A single 15-foot jackfruit tree stands tucked behind some flowers in an exhibit within the Chicago Botanic Garden’s tropical greenhouse, its broad, waxy leaves covering the exhibit sign. Dangling from its gangly branches are light green male flowers the size of a swollen finger. They appear to be waiting for the plant’s lady flowers to bloom. When and if that happens, the tree will bear a large, funny-looking fruit.

Category: Food

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