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Steve Behaeghel is a 34-year old Belgian outdoor fool (self proclaimed), having a fetish for Patagonia and the Arctic. Steve and his wife Katrijn have completed a 13-month packrafting and thru-hiking trip looping Arctic Scandinavia, traversed the upper great himalayan trail in Nepal, returned to untouched valleys, rivers and peaks of Central-Patagonia and taught computer skills to children and adults in remote villages in the high Andes of Peru and Colombia.

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The Great Himalaya Trail

The Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) is a proposed route of over 4500 km of existing trails stretching the length of the Greater Himalaya range from Nanga Parbat (Jam-mu & Kashmir, Pakistan) to Namche Barwa (Tibet) thus passing through Kashmir, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. When completed, it will be the longest and highest alpine walking track in the world. As of July 2010, only the Nepal and Bhutan sections have been walked and documented thoroughly. The other countries are still being researched. Winding beneath the world’s highest peaks and visiting some of the most remote communities on earth, it passes through lush green valleys, arid high plateaus and incredible mountainous landscapes. Nepal’s documented GHT has 10 sections comprising a network of upper and lower routes.

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