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Stephanie O'Dea is a New York Times best-selling author and slow cooking expert. In 2008 she made a New Year's Resolution to use her crockpot slow cooker every day for a year and document it online at
Stephanie has had multiple appearances on The Rachael Ray Show and Good Morning America, and been featured in Real Simple Magazine, Woman’s World, and She is a contributing editor to Simply Gluten-Free magazine. More information is available at

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Camping With Your Slow Cooker

I didn't always like camping. I much preferred hotels or motels with maid service and a restaurant and clean towels.
And then I had kids. Don't get me wrong, I still love maid service and clean towels, but I hate spending lots of money and I hate having to get kids to sit still and have "restaurant behavior" when we are on a long trip.
So I've embraced the dirt (thank you baby wipes!) and the sand (thank you dust buster!) and the laundry (dear help me, the laundry is just insane when we get home) and the chaos camping brings and now I can honestly say that I really really like being outdoors and pretty much all that camping has to offer.
And I bring along a slow cooker (or two).

Category: Food

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