Profile: Staley Prom

Legal Associate

Staley joined the Surfrider Foundation's Legal Department as a Legal Associate in February 2015, having previously been a Surfrider Foundation Legal Intern in 2010, and briefly serving as interim counsel in 2014. With transactional and litigation experience, Staley provides legal solutions for Global Headquarters staff and chapters around the country. She works on broad array of legal matters, including litigation and policy strategies, to further the organization's mission of protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves and beaches.

'I am inspired by people who are pursuing or living their dreams, and doing awesome things to help others,' says Staley. 'I’m also personally inspired every time I have a fun day at the beach, out in the water, to do what I can to protect coastal places, which have always been a huge and special part of my life.'
Before joining the Surfrider Foundation, Staley was a legal associate at Green de Bortnowsky, LLP, a firm focusing on a broad range of general municipal law matters, including those relating to constitutional free speech, environmental law, land use, and planning and zoning, and served as a deputy city attorney for several California cities.

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Keeping Plastic Straws at Bay (and out of the Bay)

Plastic straws are a major source of litter and marine plastic pollution, and in the last few years, have been one of the most commonly found types of litter picked up along California beaches on annual Coastal Cleanup Days.

Category: Nature

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Seawalls and Sea Level Rise: No Win

The Surfrider Foundation’s San Francisco chapter has been working for the last several years to restore and protect Sharp Park, in Pacifica, California, due to its significant location on a fragile coastal wetland, the habitat it provides to threatened and endangered species, and threats to the beach from long term, aggressive erosion in the area. Last week, the California Coastal Commission unanimously approved a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department’s (SFRPD) Sharp Park golf course project, which Surfrider Foundation opposes. The CDP allows SFRPD to construct infrastructure “improvements” to the oceanfront course, which is home to the endangered San Francisco garter snake, and the threatened California red-legged frog.

Category: Nature

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