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Lover of Craft Beer!

I am fron central NY and graduated from LeMoyne College with a degree in English Literature. I have loved reading and writing my whole life. In my mid 20©s I was introduced to craft beer and have been in love ever since. I started CNY Craft Beer Society and helped grow Syracuse Women of Craft Beer. I am currently a contributing writer to and I am a known brewery critic and have introduced new breweries to my area. I am a huge supporter of NYS breweries. I may not know everything about craft beer but I am determined to learn more everyday.

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NoteStreams By Stacey Lynn

Blue Toad Cider

Despite its small size, Blue Toad Hard Cider creates some big and bold ciders that everyone from the cider lover, to the uninitiated, can find something to enjoy.

Category: Craft Beer

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You Owe It To Yourself To Try These 8 Wet-Hopped Beers

Have you ever wanted to like IPAs but just couldn't due to the overt bitterness that often accompanies the style? Have you ever thought about trying a wet-hopped or fresh-hopped beer? Or, did you just automatically avoid it thinking you were just getting another bitter brew?
If you did, you're missing out.

Category: Craft Beer

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The Rise & Fall...& Rise Again Of American Cocktail Culture

The cocktail culture of today has its roots deeply embedded in the pre-prohibition era, often called “The Golden Age of Cocktails”. Prior to Prohibition, cocktails such as Old Fashioned, Martini and Manhattan were made with high end spirits, fresh juices and/or fruits. These drinks were meant to be savored and enjoyed for their tastes, not just the effects of the alcohol. America was the leader in cocktails, with bartenders traveling from abroad to learn the skills and techniques of building a well-balanced, flavorful drink.

Category: Cocktails

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