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Ava Stritt

My name is Ava Roxanne Stritt, and I’m a freelance writer and spa lover! I have been called the most influential person in the world for spa travel and also a top authority on luxury travel.
You may remember me from my blog My Skin Concierge, but now on Spa Travel Gal I can provide you with even more of those things we love and a few items we should just know more about…like our health.
Recently I have been quoted in USA Today (along with Pauline Frommer), and also in Fox News, LA Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Los Angeles Times, Spa Week and the Atlanta Journal Constitution just to name a few. These quotes have concerned spa, travel, skincare, family travel, fashion, travel technology, mom topics, green initiatives, parenting and various other women’s topics. As a freelance writer my articles appear with CBS News, Travelocity’s IguUgo, Spa Week, Working Mother Magazine, LA Travel Magazine, Elevate Magazine, H Magazine, Destinations Travel Magazine, Vital Magazine, Upscale Living Magazine, Examiner and more.

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Glamping at The Ranch at Rock Creek

Reporting on travel has never been a “tough” job. Most of my time is spent in spas, which are usually luxurious and relaxing. So when the subject of glamping came up, I have always been a bit hesitant. So why am I rethinking glamping now?

Category: Travel

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Maui: Health & Wellness Dream Destination

How does a place sound where daily activities include spas, Hawaiian massages, surf camps, hiking and golfing? With health and wellness on our minds these days Maui is the perfect place to experience many of those lovely health and wellness activities that we all adore.

Category: Travel

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The Way to Healthier Skin

The skin is very sensitive and can be affected by everything from the weather and what we put on our skin to what we put in our bodies. Many people put a great deal of effort into ensuring they have healthier skin. Their appearance is something they are proud of and keeping skin moisturized and healthy is part of that process. However, certain activities can counteract these efforts and impact the skin’s look and feel.

Category: Lifestyle

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Ups and Downs to Artificial Turf & More

When it comes to your health, you may feel like artificial items are always a negative. After hearing about artificial turf and woman’s soccer for a week, this morning I started thinking about other artificial stuff. Often, the biggest downside to something that is artificial, from a health perspective, is simply that people do not know everything that there is to know about these things as of yet. They are simply too new for all of the research to have been done.

Category: Health

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