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A food blogger, culinary enthusiast and photographer with a obsession for cooking, experimenting and Food styling
I am just 'the girl next door' kind of person with no frills attached. I just happened to love food, everything about it, especially the art, culture and science behind great food and that's basically what makes me blog. I am an IT professional by day, a mother of an extremely energetic toddler and a home-maker. In tune to my Indian background and heritage, you will find a lot of Indian recipes on my blog but my love for other cuisines with related recipes are also on display. Myriad cuisines, recipes and cooking techniques, the interesting science behind the various techniques, the art of baking and crafting beautiful cakes are just some of the things that intrigue and inspire me to blog. I believe that a good dish is the result of a good recipe and the love that goes into it while making it.

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Christmas Fruit Cake / Kerala Plum Cake

Wow – Christmas is almost here and it is definitely the season to be jolly. For me, this is absolutely the best time of the year, with the beautifully decorated houses, the white snow-laden ground, the shopping and gift giving, jingling Christmas music all around and most importantly the amazing tasty treats that this holiday season brings, like the Christmas Fruit Cake, Christmas pudding, Stollen, Eggnog, Panettone …the list just goes on and on !!
For the annual Christmas feast, my grandmother would make her special Biryani, Christmas cake and pudding, as well as a host of other goodies and today I am going to share her decadently delicious Xmas cake recipe with you all. This is our family's own heirloom recipe, traditionally handed down over three generations. I still remember when my mom successfully used this recipe to make 100 Kilograms (approx. 220 pounds) of cake for a YWCA bake sale, to raise funds for the uplift of under-privileged orphan girls back in India.

Category: Food

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