Profile: Sheila T Cavanagh

Professor of English

Dr. Sheila T. Cavanagh is Fulbright/Global Shakespeare Distinguished Chair in the UK and Professor of English at Emory University. She is founding director of the World Shakespeare Project ( and co-Director of “First Folio! The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare” and Emory’s Year of Shakespeare (2016-2017). She also held the Masse-Martin/NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship. Author of Wanton Eyes and Chaste Desires: Female Sexuality in the Faerie Queene and Cherished Torment: the Emotional Geography of Lady Mary Wroth’s Urania, she has published widely in the fields of pedagogy and of Renaissance literature. She is also active in the electronic realm, having directed the Emory Women Writers Resource Project ( since 1994 and serving for many years as editor of the online Spenser Review.

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NoteStreams By Sheila T Cavanagh

Does Translating Shakespeare Diminish It?

An uproar ensued after it was reported that the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) – southern Oregon’s 80-year-old annual theatrical extravaganza – would be commissioning playwrights to “translate” all of Shakespeare’s plays into modern English.
The project drew jeers from Shakespearean professors, arts practitioners and others who believe passionately in the power of Shakespeare’s original texts, who abhor any attempt to “dumb down” their language.

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