Profile: Sandra Jones

Professor & Research Director

Professor Sandra Jones is an ARC Future Fellow and the Director of the Centre for Health and Social Research, Mary MacKillop Institute for Health, at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. From 2001 to 2014 she was the Founding Director of the Centre for Health Initiatives at the University of Wollongong. Her research focuses on the relationship between media and health, including the impacts of advertising in the print and electronic media on health behavior, and the use of social marketing to improve population health. She also conducts research in the area of advertising and marketing regulation, particularly in relation to alcohol marketing. Sandra has published more than 130 refereed papers and been awarded in excess of $7 million in research funding. Sandra is the also the Scientific Lead for the Health Marketing Innovation Team at the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund, Alberta Health Service; and a Director of the Cram Foundation.

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NoteStreams By Sandra Jones

Advergames vs Nutrition: Rewarding Fast Food?

Advergaming is a relatively recent approach to advertising that overcomes many of the limitations of traditional advertising. But advergames are increasingly being used by fast food companies to target children by rewarding play with unhealthy food products. A simple definition of an advergame is one that promotes a particular brand, product or message by integrating it into play.

Category: Health

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Fat Free and 100% Natural: Food Labeling Tricks Exposed

Marketers use a variety of tricks to make foods seem healthier and more appealing than their competitors, particularly when it comes to products aimed at children. One of the most powerful advertising tools a food manufacturer has is the packaging, as it’s what we look at immediately before deciding which food to purchase. Next time you’re shopping for food, look out for these common labeling tricks.

Category: Food

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