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From his first sip of wine to the last Scotch tasting, Ryan has loved the craft and the journey behind the bottle. Detailing the experience that goes into each libation and telling the stories that go into every glass, fuels a passion quenched only by words. As a Contributor for The Oregon Wine Press, Busted Wallet, and Ask Men, he has found his niche showcasing the nuances behind the vices that make life a celebration. Living in Oregon provides a rich canvas filled with vibrant flavor profiles and vivid fermented nuances that, with his family by his side, Ryan paints a picture of the delicious possibilities. Follow him on Instagram @BlankGlass

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Melissa Burr's Northwest Winescape

Melissa Burr has forged a fairytale path through the Willamette Valley wine scene. Stoller Vineyards’ tenured star winemaker has ascended from intern to one of wine’s premiere directors of winemaking over the last 15 years, setting the bar for style and grace.
Presenting an interview with Melissa Burr about her wine journey, Pacific Northwest wine, and the best advice for budding winemakers!
The Alcohol Professor

Category: Wine

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