Profile: Russell Edwards

Russell Edwards chose UCF’s graduate program in Anthropology as it allowed him to pursue his interest in design ethnography as well as his desire to conduct research abroad. While completing his MA, Russell also earned a Graduate Certificate in Design for Usability, offered through the College of Engineering and Computer Science. This unique plan of study offered him the chance to explore the many possibilities open to those with an ability to conduct qualitative research.
Russell conducted his thesis research by ethnographically researching the experience of backpackers visiting Latin America, with a special focus on the use of digital technologies and how they impact travel goals. He had the opportunity to present his experiences on breaking into fieldwork at a panel discussion at the annual meeting for the American Anthropological Association.
The fieldwork Russell conducted on backpacking led to an interest in agricultural tourism, leading him to apply to the PhD Program of Applied Anthropology at the University of South Florida. Since his enrollment, he has been selected to work on a NSF funded project, resulting in dissertation fieldwork that will focus on the experience of agricultural tourists in Southern California.

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Understanding the Craft Beer Revolution

Drinking alcohol seems to be one of the few things humans everywhere do. Beer in particular has long been a part of human history. Many people enjoy raising a pint with friends. But how do they go about choosing what to drink and where? What senses are drawn on to decipher what flows from that stein of beer? And does it matter if that beer is delivered in glass, aluminum, or some other vessel? Rather than simply guess, I’ll explore potential answers with one of the great beer pairings: Science!

Category: Craft Beer

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