Profile: Roy Lowry

Associate Professor, Plymouth University

At university level, I am interested in e-learning, assessment and the link between the two. I am a constant innovator and use on-line assessment as both a learning tool and a method of gaining marks.
I also have interests in the both the public understanding and perception of science. Hence, I regularly perform demonstration lectures and am part of the Royal Institution's Science Events for Schools programme. I have been a scientific advisor for TV and have done numerous radio, TV and newspaper interviews. I have been a British Association Media Fellow (1999) and organise schools events at the university such as the Salter's Festival of Chemistry.
I am a previous holder of the Guinness World Record(TM) for the most firework rockets launched in 30 seconds. The record-breaking event was part of the UK Firework Championships held in Plymouth on 15/16August 2006.

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NoteStreams By Roy Lowry

The Science Of Fireworks

While large firework displays have become even more more popular over the past ten years or so, most of the chemistry behind these exuberant displays has been known for centuries. Marrying this with modern digital technology provides the fiery choreography of our celebrations.
The school chemistry lesson of “flame colours” provides the clue to how fireworks can provide a range of hues!

Category: Science

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