Profile: Roberto Molar Candanosa

Intern at NASA

I am working on a master’s degree in science journalism at Texas A&M University, where I also earned my bachelor’s in English in 2013. I grew up in Linares, Mexico and moved to the States in 2005. I like words and rhetoric, especially when it comes to using them to influence people’s understandings of important things like science. I am a writer who loves science. The only things I like more than writing are real Mexican food and road trips. I. Love. Road trips.

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NoteStreams By Roberto Molar Candanosa

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot: A Swirling Mystery

The largest and most powerful hurricanes ever recorded on Earth spanned over 1,000 miles across with winds gusting up to around 200 mph. That’s wide enough to stretch across nearly all U.S. states east of Texas. But even that kind of storm is dwarfed by the Great Red Spot, a gigantic storm in Jupiter. There, gigantic means twice as wide as Earth.

Category: Science

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