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Richard has a varied background that includes product management, global strategy, marketing and programming. Richard is the tech head for NoteStream, guiding all aspects of development for the NoteStream platform.

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NoteStreams By Richard Forsythe

Apple Mobile Search Optimisation Basics

The launch of iOS 9 introduces a new search engine from Apple. This search engine is very different from Google, Bing and the others; it will focus on iOS apps. With 50% of mobile search coming from iOS devices, it's important to understand what you can do ensure visibility in this new search engine.
Because Apple's search engine is so different, the usual SEO techniques will not be as effective. This NoteStream outlines the basic rules of Apple Mobile Search Optimization: AMSO.

Category: Business

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Blogs: How iOS 9 Impacts Search Visibility

Many exciting enhancements contained in iOS 9 have been reported elsewhere. But one major change has not been highlighted widely: this is the change Apple is making to the way search will work on mobile – whether the user searches using Siri, Spotlight, or Safari.
Find out what that will mean for you!

Category: Business

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