Profile: Rhett Andrew Brymer

Professor of Management

Rhett is the John Mee Endowed Assistant Professor of Management. He completed his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in 2012 in the field of Strategy. His primary research interest is in strategic human capital, specifically how firms manage their recruiting pipelines, their turnover, and their incentives for performance. He has published in the Journal of Management, Academy of Management Education and Learning, and in MIT Sloan Sports Analytics, among other outlets. He teaches the capstone strategic management class to seniors in a wide range of business majors. Prior to academia, Rhett worked as a chemist in biotechnology and as a strategic human capital consultant for BearingPoint and Hewlett-Packard. Rhett is a longtime homebrewer, gardener, and outdoor enthusiast.

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NoteStreams By Rhett Andrew Brymer

Beer-Making Can Teach Students About Business

Next time you are in your local grocery store, step in to look a little more closely at the beer cooler. Amid the brightly colored, creative packaging lies the final battle for the ultimate goal – your purchases. But, what battles were fought to get the beer to that particular cooler? More importantly, what might those battles say about larger trends in business today? At Miami University’s Farmer School of Business, we designed an experiential class to go in depth with these issues, leveraging the lessons of the beer industries as a way to better understand larger trends in business strategy and supply chains.

Category: Craft Beer

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