Profile: Reuben Finighan

Senior Research Officer

I work in the Melbourne Institute at the University of Melbourne, as part of the ARC Life Course Centre of Excellence, where I study economic and behavioural dimensions of intergenerational disadvantage. I previously worked as part of Robert Putnam's research team studying inequality of opportunity; co-authored a major innovation policy report with Lord Stern, for the UK's Chief Scientist; worked for Washington State's 'pot tsar' to design cannabis market regulations; and consulted on behavioural economics for the Institute for New Economic Thinking in New York.

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NoteStreams By Reuben Finighan

The Growing Opportunity Gap For American Kids

On rare occasions, a book frames an issue so powerfully that it sets the terms of all future debate. Robert Putnam’s Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis may do just this for the growing gulf between America’s rich and poor. I was a member of Putnam’s research team for Our Kids during my studies at the Harvard Kennedy School, where Putnam is a professor of public policy – so I can offer some insights into the research, and explain why the team is optimistic about its impact.

Category: Social Awareness

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