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Read The Spirit is a publishing company, an online magazine and a network of writers connecting readers with the most important voices in religion, spirituality, interfaith and cross-cultural issues. Read the Spirit strives for accuracy, balance and fairness. In an era when traditional newspapers, magazines and publishing houses are collapsing, Read the Spirit is growing in its rich array of media to help readers build healthy, diverse communities.
Read the Spirit was founded in 2007 by one of America’s top journalists and one of America’s top developers of communication software: David Crumm and John Hile. Working together, they gathered a wide array of media professionals to establish an online magazine and a publishing house for books and e-books.

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The Real Story Behind Memorial Day

Each year, Americans spend time with family and friends in remembrance of the sacrifices men and women have made in the name of our freedom. Until recently, the origins of the very first Memorial Day ceremonies were lost. Historian David Blight is changing that.
Read The Spirit
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Category: Memorial Day

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The Christmas Truce of 1914

Peace in the trenches during the Great War
Christmas Eve 1914 found the German, French and English armies in the beginning of trench warfare. The colossal Battle of the Marne had led to the geography of the Western Front that would continue to hold with slight changes through the next years of the war. Soldiers who had thought they would be home for Christmas realized that the war was going to be a long bloody haul.

Category: Military History

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Back To The Real St. Nicholas

Our annual Holiday Best Books list named Dr. Adam English’s The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus No. 2 out of the 12 books on the “best” list.
The record on Nicholas is thin because he left no volumes of his own theology or poetry or sermons. We have nothing written in his own hand. We have nothing written by his immediate contemporaries, either.
The earliest historical records that mention his name come from a couple of hundred years after his death. That’s always troubling to a historian who, of course, would rather have first-hand accounts.

Category: History

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Hanukkah Lights Celebrate Religious Freedom

Fry up latkes and try your luck with a few games with a dreidel—it’s Hanukkah! Jews far and wide light menorahs in their windows and proclaim the “miracle of the oil,” in memory of the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem by the Maccabees more than two millennia ago. Hanukkah (also spelled “Chanukah”) lasts eight nights and days, during which additional branches of the menorah are lit. In most Jewish homes, candles traditionally burn for at least 30 minutes after dark. While the candles burn, family members exchange stories, sing songs and discuss Jewish history.

Category: History

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