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I’m David Cain and my blog, Raptitude, is a street-level look at the human experience — what makes human beings do what they do, and what that means in real life. I write about how to make sense of Earth’s most ridiculous animal, and how to get better at being one of them.

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One Critical Necessity For Accepting Yourself

Recently I was surfing an online forum, and I came across something that almost made me cry. Somebody had dug up an old, old post of mine and replied to it. Those of you who read online forums have seen this happen many times, I’m sure, and so had I. But this one gave me an instant lump in the throat.
The post was called, “My Struggle.”
The desperate tone of the post stunned me. I couldn’t believe it was me.
If You Have Trouble Loving Yourself
Know this:
Love is action.
Self-love is not how you feel about yourself. It’s what you do for yourself.

Category: Health

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