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Visiting Africa might not be possible but you can still explore Africa from your computer. Our pages are designed to show you pieces of Africa that you were not aware even existed.
You’ll hear from South African Park Rangers about the wildlife poaching and the beautiful African wildlife that roams the continent. You’ll hear about African art, and the people of Africa. The plight of African tribal people and even about African Music and dance. With the input of Rangers, travelers and residents of Africa, you can share the journey and see the many faces and facets of Africa. Your visit to Pieces of Africa is like a virtual African vacation with stories, images and blogs available to you so that you can literally “see” every part of Africa even if you can’t take an African vacation.

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History of the South African Wine Industry

When fine wine is mentioned the countries of France and Italy usually come to mind, but South Africa has a history of winemaking that goes back nearly 4 centuries.
South Africa consistently ranks in the top ten wine producing countries and while it may not produce the most wine, South Africa produces some of the finest wines in the world.

Category: Wine

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