Profile: Philip Rosoff

Director of Clinical Ethics

Philip Rosoff is the author of Rationing Is Not A Four-Letter Word: Setting Limits on Healthcare, published by MIT Press. Dr. Rosoff is Director of the Clinical Ethics Program at Duke University Hospital. As such, he serves as Chair for both the Hospital Ethics Committee and the Clinical Ethics Consult Subcommittee. He teaches clinical ethics extensively throughout the hospital. His clinical and research interests center on the equitable allocation of scarce resources. He teaches in the new Masters Degree program in Bioethics and Science Policy offered by Duke University Graduate School (BIOETHICS 604S: Clinical Bioethics & Policy).

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The ACA is another way to Ration Health Care

The Affordable Care Act has enabled millions of previously uninsured people to obtain health insurance at reasonably low rates and has fixed some of the most vexing – and unfair – peculiarities in the US commercial insurance market. It has eliminated lifetime coverage caps and denials for coverage because of pre-existing conditions, to mention just two of the most popular reforms.

Category: Health

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