Profile: Penny Wilson

Educational Consultant

Penny is an educational consultant specializing in curriculum design and development. She has worked on projects with a range of TAFEs, universities and private colleges. Recently, she has been based at Macquarie University working on a number of diverse projects culminating in the development of a suite of units in Science Communication. Penny became so interested in the science communication research that she was inspired to enroll in a PhD at ANU.
Currently, Penny’s interest lies with exploring the science communication around food: its place in day-to-day life through social and other media, governmental regulation through policy, the influence and passion of lobby groups, and the pressure and demands of big business.

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NoteStreams By Penny Wilson

Healthy or Harmful? It’s a Piece of Cake

The obesity epidemic is creating panic in the community, with media commentators expressing outrage at our widening waistbands and academics raising alarms about the health implications of carrying excess weight. Billboards – designed to shame – tell us to eat right, eat less, eat sensibly, count calories, exercise more, reduce fat, reject junk foods, and forget cakes, pastries and fries. But while we spin in a confusion of knowledge and directives, we may well be losing sight of all those good things that are embodied in a piece of cake.

Category: Health

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Has the Use-by Date Gone Past its Prime?

You might assume that use-by dates have played an important role in protecting the community from food borne pathogens. After all, this simple date stamped on the packaging provides consumers with a clear directive to devour or discard the item. Just in case you were in doubt, the messages from government or quasi-government authorities are loud and clear: beyond the use-by, don’t chance it. But is this always the case?

Category: Food

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