Profile: Patti McCarthy

Visiting Assistant Professor

Prior to being hired as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Pacific in 2006, Dr. McCarthy was appointed Senior Director of Entertainment, Arts, and Humanities at California State University, Northridge, where she was directly responsible for creating and promoting over 300 new film and arts programs and events, most notably in Cinematography, Editing, and Screenwriting.
At Pacific, Dr. McCarthy has taught a number of English and General Education courses. She regularly teaches courses in the Film Studies Program such as Screenwriting and Film Production.
Before teaching, she worked for producer Ray Stark as a Creative Executive and Head of Development at RASTAR Productions at Sony Pictures Entertainment for many years and was involved in such notable projects as: 'Harriet the Spy,' 'To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday,' 'Random Hearts,' 'American History X,' and 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.'
Dr. McCarthy has been a keynote speaker for many events and conferences, including the Star Wars 30th Anniversary Conference, and is a frequent panelist and speaker at the University Film & Video Association, as well as several Wizard World Comic Cons where she discussed her book on George Lucas and acted as film festival judge, Q & A moderator, and presented her work on 'The Heroine's Journey.' Her essay, 'The Heroine's Journey: Reclaiming the Feminine,' will appear in an anthology, Adoring Outlander: Essays on Fandom, Genre, and Female Readership, for McFarland Press, Spring 2016. 
Another book, Outlander and the Heroine's Journey, is due for publication, Spring 2017 (McFarland Press).
Her book, The Lucas Effect: George Lucas and the New Hollywood, was published in 2014. A proposal for another, George Lucas: The Force of the Postmodern Franchise, was recently accepted by Mellon Press.

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Why so Many Find Meaning in Star Wars

After witnessing the overwhelming popularity of Star Wars, director Francis Ford Coppola told George Lucas he should start his own religion.
Lucas laughed him off, but Coppola may have been onto something.

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