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Blogger and College Instructor

Currently, blogging at and, regularly contributing to The Mindful Word and publishing essays, articles and poetry in various independent journals and blogs such as,, The Mindful Word and, my aim is to continue practicing and pursuing what I love: writing and teaching English Composition and literature locally at community colleges as I have for the last fifteen years.

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NoteStreams By Pamela Gerber

“Should” is a Lot Like “Stupid”

At 55, those delightful yoga sessions that instantly feel delicious deep down in the sinews and muscles, triggering pleasure sensors in the brain, are farther and fewer in between, even in a daily practice. Most days that great good feeling opens up only after slow beginnings, working steadily into full-throttle fluidity and warmth. I treasure those moments of recognizing deep physiological release and mental liberation. My mind soars with my body’s surrender to more, deeper, and longer stretches, everything opening, including possibility.

Category: Self Discovery

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CA Plastic Ban: A Prop. of Compassion & Mindfulness

Walking out of the market, it suddenly hit me. Something different. Oh, that’s right. No one asked me if I would like to buy a bag for ten cents, and my two hands carried one plastic food-stuffed bag each. I wondered how long I had been unaware of the change. My life gets messy. I run around some days not knowing whether I’m coming or going and plan my daily meals in my car on the fly, both products of a frenetic, over-scheduled life of parent and professional.

Category: Sustainability

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