Profile: Paddy Rawlinson

Assoc. Prof. of Criminology

Dr. Paddy Rawlinson’s research covers transnational and organized crime in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe on which she has published over the past fifteen years. Her book From Fear to Fraternity: A Russian Tale of Crime, Economy and Modernity (Pluto Press 2010) takes a critical look at the hidden narratives behind the West’s obsession with Russian organized crime. Current research includes the trafficking of Roma children to the UK and state-corporate harm in relation to health and medicine. Paddy has taught at the Universities of Edinburgh, Bangor, Leicester and the LSE. She is Associate Professor in International Criminology at the University of Western Sydney.

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NoteStreams By Paddy Rawlinson

Outsourcing Clinical Trials to Developing Countries

As the death toll from the African Ebola crisis peaked, World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Margaret Chan delivered a scathing attack on the “profit-driven” pharmaceutical industry and its unwillingness to develop a vaccine “for markets that cannot pay”. In reality, markets rather than moral concern drive research and development of drugs.

Category: Social Awareness

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