Online Publication is an online publication focused on how open source is applied to different areas including business, education, government, health, law and other disciplines of life.
Our goal is to further the open source way by sharing the open source movement. Our community of readers is made up of those who believe that open participation and sharing can tackle the business, social, environmental, and technological challenges facing us today.
Open source is a philosophy and a culture
The term open source began as a way to describe open access to software source code and the collaborative model for how it is developed. Red Hat uses this model to develop technology and has built a business around open source and these principles: Openness. Transparency. Collaboration. Diversity. Rapid prototyping.
The open source way is more than a development model, it defines a culture. A culture that includes everyone, and harnesses real experiences to solve problems. It works—and not just for us, as a business, but everywhere.

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Why My Doctor Prescribed Open Hardware

I recall a senior medical doctor once saying that being a practitioner nowadays is much more difficult than ever before, because when people get diagnosed, they go home to search the web, and often come back with tough questions. Open hardware for physiological computing isn’t making it any easier, but it seems like that’s not a bad thing.

Category: Health

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Tin Whiskers Brewery Bucks The Trend Of Secret Recipes

If there’s one business that values secrecy it’s brewing beer. Most breweries hold their cards very close to their chests. They keep their recipes and techniques away from the prying eyes of competitors to retain a competitive advantage.
One outfit trying to buck that trend is the Tin Whiskers Brewing Company. Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Tin Whiskers is a......local open source craft brewery on a mission to make technically excellent beer.

Category: Craft Beer

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