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I am Natalie Reis, owner and web designer for Modern Sugar. Like many other WAHM run businesses, my business came about by accident. While working as a 3rd grade teacher I was struggling to find an extra source of income after the birth of my daughter (really – who knew babies were so darned expensive). While selling some baby clothes on ebay, I discovered web and graphic design as a way to dress up my auctions and a new passion was born.
It’s hard to say whether I was more passionate about the design aspect, or the idea of owning my own business – or maybe a combination, but things started taking off and in the fall of 2006 I quit my teaching job to stay home and work on my boutique web design business full-time. I have consulted and worked with over 100 small boutique owners during this time. I understand the complexities of running a family and a business and hope that Boutique Success can help save you time and create more success for your online boutique.

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3 East Ways to Get More Visitors

If I had a nickel for every person who asked me why they weren’t getting any business on their new store, yep, you got it – I’d be rich. Many people mistakenly believe that setting up your store is the hard work it takes to have a successful business.

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Know Your Keywords

BigCommerce has a nice article highlighting 6 things you can do now to maximize your store for the holidays. Although I think this is an informative article with solid tips, I don’t think it’s written for the novice or non-technical website owner so I thought I’d go through step by step to clarify some of the suggestions.

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