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Personal finance coach

Founded by a wealth advisor and former investment analyst and portfolio manager, Money School with Jane is a personal coaching program designed to change the way
individuals see and interact with money. Money School with Jane takes a no BS approach to teaching individuals about money, with lessons that include: what money is
and what it’s not, how to use and spend it, reasons for saving it, and how to create a roadmap for getting from Point A to Point B. Through Money School with Jane,
individuals will develop a new understanding of how to make money an effective tool in living a fulfilling life and realizing their intrinsic purpose. By giving individuals a
holistic perspective of their money, Money School with Jane is empowering people to make better decisions. Money School with Jane courses are available through
one-on-one consultations and group classes, with select content available online through blogs and videos. For more information, visit

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Why I Have No Memories

Writers need to connect with their audience. Common wisdom says to be real, and share your "personal" experiences to drive real engagement. What do you do if trauma has taught you that's a bad idea? Sometimes, letting go of a habit that helped you long ago is the only real way forward.

Category: Self Discovery

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Why I Sold My Engagement Ring

I know that as we round the holidays, it’s natural to look at your significant other and ask the fundamental questions regarding the relationship. When you’re thinking about making the promise of all promises – to marry someone and be by their side for life, there are many conversations you’ll probably want to have before the big “I do.” When my partner and I were getting serious 14 years ago, it didn’t occur to us to ask the taboo questions – “What kind of engagement ring do I want?” “How much do we want to spend on a wedding?”

Category: Lifestyle

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10 Ways To Afford Christmas

10 great original ideas to share the spirit of the season - without breaking your wallet!

Category: Holidays

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