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Journalist and Blogger

Miss Whisky was created by London-based journalist and Canadian expat Alwynne Gwilt in 2011 out of a desire to widen her knowledge of whisky and to help increase the number of females writing about this fine spirit.
Having fallen in love with whisky during a tasting at Milroy’s whisky shop in Soho in 2008, Alwynne continued on her quest to discover and learn about the ‘water of life’, buying a bottle for herself every birthday and Christmas.
As a journalist for many years, Alwynne decided to go freelance from her job in 2011 and during a four-month bout of traveling decided to return to England and delve into the world of whisky writing.
The site launched in November 2011 after much research of the industry and she hasn’t looked back since.

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NoteStreams By Miss Whisky

Brenne Whisky: Interview with Allison Patel

Allison Patel is the creator of Brenne Whisky and founder of Manhattan-based Local Infusions, which imports and exports fine spirits such as whisky. She is also a passionate blogger on The Whisky Woman, writing about everything from cocktails to great whiskies, bourbons, American distilleries and more.
“I can never forget my complete surprise at how beautiful it was and how easy it went down! It was love at first sip. That was all it took…I have never looked back since.” – Allison Patel

Category: Cocktails

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Master of Malt: Interview with Cat Spencer

Cat Spencer is the head of marketing at the award winning online drinks retailer Master of Malt. In this NoteStream, she chats about why she loves whisky, the fact she hated it in previous years and how she hopes to see more women featured in the world of whisky!
“There is so much human history in whisky, and so many people involved in crafting every expression. There are so many things to learn and appreciate about what goes into whisky, not just the dram itself. It’s what’s behind the spirit that makes it so truly special, and you could spend your life learning about it.” – Cat Spencer

Category: Cocktails

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