Profile: Mirzam Abdurrachman

Geology Lecturer, Bandung Inst.

I reached my Bachelor Degree in Geology, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia in 2004. I have dedicated my life to study about volcanic rocks since 2003. I obtained my Master Degree from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia (2006) and Doctoral Degree from Akita University, Japan (2012).
My main research interest is in the Sr-Nd mixing modelling to the understanding of intra crustal process,with recent studies focus on the characterization of the upper and lower crust beneath Java Arc.

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NoteStreams By Mirzam Abdurrachman

Why Volcanoes Erupt

Some people believe volcanic eruptions are caused by fate. Others believe a volcanic eruption is a sign that a mountain is upset because residents living nearby have sinned. But science has another explanation. Volcanoes are channels that transfer underground molten rock called magma from Earth’s crust up to Earth’s surface. These channels have shapes like cones, shields or calderas. Beneath a volcano lies a magma chamber, a reservoir of a single large body of molten rock. It is increased magma movement within a volcano that causes an eruption. These movements are triggered by different processes that happen below, inside, and above the magma chamber.

Category: Science

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